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How To Jira: Advice for Teams Getting Started

Are you getting started with Jira for the first time? Whether your team is large or small, technical or non-technical, experienced in project management or not so much, here are topics to consider as you begin: 1. Know your options There are many, many project management solutions out there. Jira is one of the most fully-featured, customizable options available and … Read more

25 Organizational Barriers That Waste Potential

When you’re not getting the most out of your team, it may be tempting to start up the fire-hire cycle. But employee turnover is expensive. It’s worthwhile to first take a look inward, to see if anything in the organization could be blocking progress. Below are 25 organizational barriers to explore and get the gears turning. It’s surely not an … Read more

5 Blog Post Types For Innovative Teams

Writing is like exercise for the brain. Why bother, you ask? Here are some compelling benefits of writing (for anyone on your team): Okay, it’s easy to see why blogs are a popular project idea for innovative teams. But why is it so intimidating to get started? For many writers (especially ones already busy with their typical everyday work!), the biggest … Read more